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  • Urban Retreat

    Valencia (Spain) - 12 - 18 February 2018

  • Valencia, combines the urban feel with the relaxing sun and sea vibe. Mixes old and new, medieval castles with art deco architecture, and it is the "City of Arts and Sciences". Its riverbed has become the biggest inner city urban park in Europe.

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    Indulge your senses with the sweet horchata,
    sink your feet in the sand or walk in paved old streets.
    Know about its history and people while discussing the Vicente Blasco Ibáñez novel La Barraca. Experience Spain and Spanish culture in this immersion retreat where experiencing and learning collide.

  • "En un lugar de la Mancha..."

    Quixotic Retreat

    9 - 15 Julio, Castilla La Mancha (Spain)

  • Experience this literary trip with one of the greatest novels in literary history: Don Quixote


    Live Don Qixote's stories.

    Meet the "giants" (or windmills) in Campo de Criptana.




    Watch a play in a real Corral de comedias, literally a "theatrical courtyard" - a type of open-air theatre specific to Spain -, by one of the great dramatists in Spanish Literary Golden Age.


    A trip around Castilla La Mancha including:


    Almagro whose "corral de comedias" is 
    the best preserved example in the world of the corral de comedias of the 17th century.


    Ciudad Real, the capital city.


    Campo de Criptana with its famous windmills.


    Puerto Lápice where Don Qixote's first adventure took place.

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