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  • Island Retreat

    Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Spain) - 12 - 18 February 2018

  • Relax your mind.

    Hikes around this gorgeous island. A pottery lesson in Spanish.. A visit of a prehistoric village. Walks by the beach.


    All your body and your mind need to relax and unwind.


    There is proven research that tells us that we learn better with a relaxed brain.

    Immerse in the Majorican Culture

    Food. Visit the town

    Speak at ease

    We will have a daily (3h) workshop about different topics related with the experience. You will learn vocabulary, estructures of the real Spanish used in conversation.


    During the night, we debate.

    Grab a glass of wine or a refreshing juice, make yourself comfortable and we will discuss. Debate nights happen after a nice dinner and the long summer nights.

  • Urban Retreat

    Salamanca (Spain) 27th April - 2nd May 2018

  • Immerse yourself in the city

    Learning a language is so much more than learning the vocabulary and grammar. It is about understanding and interiorising its mindset. How the natives are thinking is dependent on their shared history and common culture.


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    You need to immerse in that culture to fully understand.

    You need not only to know their history but to walk around those historical places to let its history seep in.


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    Spanish culture is wide and varied and is deeply connected with its history.

    A history that is present and visible in the historical centres of every city.


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    Some corners were scenario of major historical events.

  • "En un lugar de la Mancha..."

    Quixotic Retreat

    9 - 15 Julio, Castilla La Mancha (Spain)

  • Experience this literary trip with one of the greatest novels in literary history: Don Quixote


    Live Don Qixote's stories.

    Meet the "giants" (or windmills) in Campo de Criptana.




    Watch a play in a real Corral de comedias, literally a "theatrical courtyard" - a type of open-air theatre specific to Spain -, by one of the great dramatists in Spanish Literary Golden Age.


    A trip around Castilla La Mancha including:


    Almagro whose "corral de comedias" is 
    the best preserved example in the world of the corral de comedias of the 17th century.


    Ciudad Real, the capital city.


    Campo de Criptana with its famous windmills.


    Puerto Lápice where Don Qixote's first adventure took place.

  • Rural Retreat

    Basque Country (Spain) - 12th - 16th October 2018

  • Caserío

    We'll be in a rural house in the north of Spain. Indulging in the traditional food and incredible landscapes to write in Spanish, share in Spanish, experience the Spanish language and culture.

    Mountains and Valleys

    The Basque mountains and valleys are a green paradise. There are nature parks throughout the region. These are spectacular places which are close at hand and accessible for visitors will take us in in our walks.


    Creativity, self-expression and movies.

    Nothing like being in nature to find our muse and encounter our own thoughts.

    We will spend the time in the countryside to visit small villages,
    walk in the nature parks and take it all in so that we can bring out our self-expression
    and creativity in Spanish. Creative writing activities, readings and theatre workshops will be in order.

    We will also watch Spanish movies or short series in the evenings to chat about.

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