• Spanish Writing

  • Creative Writing Workshop

    28th May - Dublin (Ireland)

    Four hour of experience with the senses and the words.


    Attendees will be sent a booklet with vocabulary and structures a week before the workshop so they can get familiar with useful words.


    During the workshop we will arouse our senses with smells, sounds, textures... Starting with some introductory activities and prompts to help us calling our inspiring muse, to then delve into the experience to put those feelings into paper.


  • Spanish Writing Online Course

    A five week course with instructional online videos, worksheets and personal monitoring with the teacher.

    The course has the same idea at core but the means are quite different.


    The student will receive a weekly video for five weeks and an accompanying booklet. These materials will provide with all the necessary to start writing about different topics.


    Once the student has received the materials, he/she will be called to write an specific text which will be sent to me for correction and sending feedback.


    If that sounds interesting, sign up below to receive updates when the course sees the light in June 2016.

  • Spanish Writing Retreat in Spain

    Creative Writing + Nature in Spanish countryside

    Four days in El Bolao (Madrid) in a location in Sierra del Guadarrama, surrounded by montains and pine forest. In a cottage .. km from the city of Madrid

    El Bolao, a town in the middle of the mountains, offers a wide range of activities, from walks around the mountains, to visits to Madrid, El Escorial and Segovia. Here, we’ll spend five days immersing ourselves in Spanish culture; getting up-close-and-personal with our writing; and exploring the nature.

    We’ll delve into our past and present experiences and write from the most important place — our hearts. This writing retreat in El Bolao brings together a community of people who want to process their experiences within a supportive and awe-inspiring environment.


    On this Spanish Creative Writing Retreat, we will:

    • Experience the Spanish countryside
    • Participate in interactive and guided writing and optional cultural activities (ie. cooking lessons)
    • Gain new tools to express exactly what we’re trying to say
    • Stroll the countryside
    • Marvel at Gaudi’s stunning designs at Casa Batllo, Park Guell, and Sagrada Familia
    • Improve our fluency in Spanish
    • Take in the new tastes and energy of Spanish smells and colours
    • Feel emotionally and physically refreshed
    • Experience a new kind of freedom and power — and fully express ourselves

    Interested? Get in touch if you are interested in this Spanish experience

  • About the Organizer

    Certified teacher

    • Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language, by Instituto Cervantes, Dublin (Ireland). 2011.
    • DELE Examiner, Instituto Cervantes, Dublin.

    Academic Career

    • Degree in Arts (Languages) by University of Burgos (Spain).
    • Masters in Scenery Arts by University of Burgos


    Founder and Spanish teacher at Online Spanish Tutor.


    • Ortega, Maria, Lobato, María Luisa (dir.) ​No puede ser, ed. de María Ortega; Kassel, Reichenberger, Colección Ediciones Críticas, vol. V.
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    • Ortega, María. “Recepción y difusión de No puede ser en Europa: Traducciones y adaptaciones de una comedia moretiana”. En: Del verbo al espejo (ver Misceláneos general).
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